Dressing Table Ideas - Tips to Create Your Perfect Glamorous Spot

by Hassan Khan on Jul 07, 2022

Dressing Table Ideas - Tips to Create Your Perfect Glamorous Spot

Unquestionably, the most glamorous spot of any bedroom is the dressing table corner, or the walk-in closet, if you’re that lucky.

As this is the space that is dedicated to beautification purposes only, it ought to get serious aesthetic attention, to make your getting-ready activity half of the fun of going out!

Getting your dressing table right is about three things mainly: the table itself, the mirror, and the seat. It's essential to make all these elements blend in with each other by making use of the same color scheme or if you want to get a little bit creative, you can even choose contrasting colors. 

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Here are some amazing tips on how to decorate your dressing table to make it look glamorous even in the tiniest of spaces. These small changes on your dressing table can have huge transformative effects as a whole.

Always place your dressing table near a natural light source

The position of your dressing table is even more important than how the dressing table actually looks like. Having a good light is of utmost importance in order to make sure you look your best. Hence, placing your dressing table near the window or any other source of natural light is always a wise decision.

A well-lit dressing table is important
If the natural light is not enough or when you have to dress up at night, vanity mirror bulbs can come in handy. They not only lit up your space to give you the perfect lighting but also give your room a funky and sparkling look.

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Keep it minimal

Your bedroom is a place to rest, so keeping it minimal would be a wise decision, so you can not only apply your makeup easily but also take it off before going to bed at night without having much hassle to organize things back to their places.

You need a comfortable seat when you’re getting ready
Comfort matters a lot while you get ready so you can focus on making yourself look your best but what if the space is tight? No problem, you can choose a stool instead of a chair to keep the clutter away while also providing you the comfort you deserve. Stools not only take less space but are also easy to manage, you can slide them out when you want to sit, for example when you need to wear your shoes and when you’re done, slide them back under the table.

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Give it a green touch

You can bring some life to your bedroom by placing small plant pots on your vanity table with plants like the snake plants, Moneytree, monstera, air plant, or any other plant of your choice to make it look modern and fresh. 

Have a place for everything

In order to avoid clutter while you get ready, it's important to have a designated place for everything. Find the right size and the right kind of containers to store everything so it has a place where they can go back. You can keep a stylish tray to place your fragrances onto, and a vanity makeup organizer to efficiently place your makeup so it becomes easily accessible and does not even cause clutter while making your vanity table look chic.
Similarly, you can store your brushes in a glass or any other chic holder to keep them clean from dust and other kinds of dirt by not thrusting them into the depths of a makeup bag. This will not only keep them clean but also keep them upright so you can instantly see what you need. You can do the same with your hair tools as well if you don't keep them in your bathroom.

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Not to forget the Mirror!
Mirror is no doubt one of the main standout features of a vanity table. You can get rotating side mirrors along with the main mirror to give you side and back views of your hairstyle or your dresses. You can even up the wow factor by choosing a statement mirror for your vanity table to give your bedroom a Hollywood glam feel.

Store more through drawers

Vanity tables with drawers provide more storage capacity so you can store more of your essentials in the drawers. You can go for large drawers, which will allow you to hoard your jewelry, makeup, and other essentials without having them strewn all over. The drawers can be made up of marble or glass for an elegant look but wooden and metal drawers are preferred more because they last longer.




These thoughtful yet easy tips to decorate your dressing table are really worth a try, besides a little bit of ‘me time’ shall never go wrong! 

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